About Us

Cotpak Group of companies, has been operating in the country since more than six decades, and over time by creating opportunities and adding new organizations, Cotpak group of companies has evolved into a highly decentralized and professional group of companies having business interests in diverse fields of the industry.

As Globalization brings homogenization of consumer needs, liberalization of trade and competitive advantages of operating in global markets, organizations are forced to think and act globally in order to survive in such a dynamic environment, which made us strategize of thinking globally even at times operating locally to meet international service standards.

All these elements have a deep impact on the development and positioning of our companies in international market places giving us an edge over our competitors to serve our loyal clients in such a situation, we at Cotpak Group of Companies try to provide highest quality of service, thus earning a good reputation in international markets and strategically growing with the support of our clients and help of our business partners all over the globe.

As our core competency we take extreme pride in having an edge over the logistics industry with our forward and backward integrations which puts us in a competitive position to constantly innovate and give our customer’s value addition at all times.