We are working as Customs Authorized Clearing & Forwarding Agents for over 3 decades and hold valid licenses for Customs Agents as well as Shipping Agents.


Customs Clearance/ Brokerage

We are regularly engaged in Export & Import clearance and Freight Forwarding since 1984.

On the Export Side our routine items (not limited to) are Raw Cotton & Cotton Wastes, Leather Industry Products, Grains, Yarn, Fabric, Garments, Personal Baggage, Tires, Temporarily exported Items for Repair or Replacement purpose and their eventual re-import, New and Used Machinery (for Repair or Replacement) & seasonal Food Items.

In the last one year we have handled approximately 3,500 export consignments worth Billion’s. On the Import Side our routine items (not limited to) are Poultry Machinery & Equipment, Raw Cotton, Polyester, Chemicals, Yarn and Fibers, Industrial Oils & Lubricants, Textile, Leather and Power House Machinery and Spare Parts, Lab Testing Equipment and its spare parts, Medicines, Aircraft & Aircraft Parts, Packing Material for various industries, Food Ingredients, Restaurant Equipment, Tiles, Aid cargo and reimport of temporarily exported items. In the last one year we have handled hundreds of Import Consignments worth Millions of Dollars.

We offer these services at Karachi Sea and Airport & Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Multan Dry port and Lahore Air & Dry ports. We also offer end to end solutions in collaboration with our International Partners inclusive of air or sea freight, In land transportation and customs clearance.

Arranging of Freight

Upon the clients requirements we can arrange By-Air or By-Sea freight for almost all destinations of the world on per vessel, per container or per CBM basis.

Arrangement of Transportation

Upon the clients request we can arrange Transportation to/ from Port area to/ from your Warehouse/ Factory etc. through our group company.

Shipping Agents

We hold valid shipping agents license from Pakistan Customs and are eligible to work on all ports in Pakistan. Through our international network we can advise/ arrange shipping agents to meet your end to end needs around the globe.


We are well updated with Standard Customs Rules & Procedures and efficiently claim the exemptions available on various items, including clearance under bond. We can provide consultancy to enable you to understand various exemptions and duty & tax structure on potential consignments to be imported.

Milestones We Have Achieved

Minfal Panel

Clearing Agents Panel of Muslim Commercial Bank

Member Karachi Custom Agents Association

As Agents of Multan Dry port in Karachi

Customs House Automation First Time in Pakistan for Import manifest Filing on build and operate basis

Handling Agents

Information Secretary Karachi Custom Agents Association

Agents of Maerskline in South of Punjab