Shafiq Enterprises

Our story dates back to 1989, but we have been in love with cotton through our parent companies since 62 years enjoying a heallthy relationship. Shafiq Enterprises is the trading arm of our group being “Source to Buyer”. Shafiq Enterpres established as a Textile Indenting/ Buying House but with time we have evolved into a processer based exporter.

About Shafiq Enterprises

We introduce ourselves as indenter’s/ agents of Raw Cotton, having footsteps prevalent in this business for over half a century. We have been involved in Ginning, downstream textile industry, Handling, Export and Indenting of Raw Cotton and are well aware of the norms and Bylaws governing the trade and we are well equipped to help and amicably resolve any issues that might arise.

We have good contacts with most of the textile mills of our country. This is further aided by the fact that our office is housed in the famous Cotton Exchange Building. It is surrounded by head offices of all major banks & shipping companies, with the sea port and the largest industrial estate of the country only a few minutes away.

Fortunately, majority of the textile business clientele also have their head offices in the same and adjoining buildings. This gives us an advantage to provide personalized timely and better coordinated services to our clients.

Furthermore, our office staff and field reps in cotton areas of the country use their seasoned contacts to get an insight into the raw-cotton requirements of spinning units so we can offer them the same as and when the requirements emerge.

We have highly developed expertise for raw-cotton business – both international and local. This is evident from the fact that this is our 4th generation in cotton business. Our group is also in the business of Customs clearance and Freight Forwarding of goods. This is an optional value added service offered to our clients importing raw cotton into Pakistan. Thus, offering them a one window operation relating to their sourcing as well as logistics needs. We have also held Vice-Chairmanship and currently hold Chairmanship of Karachi Cotton Association.

Market conditions, reports and price levels etc are provided by us to principal regularly. We do proper follow-up after sale confirmation.

We are exporters of raw-cotton, cotton-wastes, linters, cotton seed, yarn and oil cake from Pakistan. Our strength lies in the fact that we are ginner-based exporters. Our ginneries are run under strict supervision of experienced, well-trained and skilled personals. Thus we produce and export cotton of good quality to the full satisfaction of spinners and end-users. We are also producers and exporters of Cotton-wastes and Linters.

Member of

Exporters of

Indenters of

  • The Karachi Cotton Association.
  • Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association.
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Raw-cotton.
  • Cotton-wastes and Linters.
  • Raw-cotton.
  • All Textile Fibres.
  • Yarn.

Own Ginneries & Oil-mills


  • Factories equipped with modern machines including pre-cleaners and post-cleaners.
  • Effective quality control and grading of cotton particularly for preserving spinning values.
  • 62 years in cotton ginning.
  • 26 years in cotton exports.

One of the important facts, because of which our buyers are satisfied with us, is that we are controlling all the vertical stages of production. Good quality raw-cotton is produced in our various ginneries, through strict quality control and latest cleaning machines. On the other hand having footsteps prevalent in Textile industry of Pakistan we as a textile indenting house deal in all types of growths, serving as indenters for import into Pakistan and Export from Pakistan alike.

Our organization has a complete office setup at Karachi with highly experienced marketing professionals and quality controllers.

Orders from price quotation till order placement are coordinated by us. However, our job does not finish at this stage. The orders are followed-up by us from initial stage till transaction/shipment is effected. Thereafter we handle after-shipment matters. We have an effective monitoring system to maintain harmony between sellers and buyers.

Our dealing is with Textile Units and suppliers of all types of Raw Cotton & Man Made Fibre etc.

  1. Raw Cotton: All types of Imported & Pakistani Raw Cotton.
  2. Man Made Fibre: All types of Polyester, Viscose and Fancy Fibres.
  3. Yarn: All types of 100% Cotton or M.M.F./Cotton Yarn.
  4. Cotton Wastes & Linters: All types of textile process wastes.

We as a value added service also guide our top tier clients to trade in cotton futures in order to mitigate price risks relating to their physical contracts sealed through us while working as indentors.